George Enescu International Festival and Competition

Where classical music meets technology

The George Enescu International Festival is one of the most prestigious classical music festivals in Europe. It takes place every two years in Bucharest, alternatively with the George Enescu International Competition and it transforms Bucharest into the capital of classical music for almost a month.

World famous artists and orchestras play on its stages, spanning hundreds of concerts and cultural events. Its audience reaches hundreds of thousands of people from all over the globe through free live video and audio streaming.

George Enescu International Festival

Client Needs

The website is part of a larger communication concept reaching out to all generations. Its goal is to bring classical music closer to the audience through cultural news, media and a tight online and offline community. With this clear brief in mind, we developed a responsive information platform, centered around user experience, with the purpose of linking the web space with classical music.

George Enescu International Festival

We developed a fully customisable content management system, taking into account the structure, features and needs of a large-scale event. Using Wordpress as a backbone, we created custom entities for managing all aspects of a recurring event. News and live streaming are at the core of the website, so media integration was also addressed thoroughly.

George Enescu International Festival

The result is a website focused on user experience and the power of communication through all types of media, leading to a constant growth in interest from all age categories.